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The Rideau River Biodiversity Project


The Rideau River Roundtable Takes Over

View of the Rideau River.
The Rideau River near Billings Bridge, Ottawa.

The Rideau River Biodiversity Project has found more than 600 animal and plant species living in the River. Despite this impressive result, for principal scientist Michel Poulin, one of the most satisfying results of this huge study is the creation of a new organization that will work to protect the River and educate the public.

In the winter of 1999, the members of the community advisory groups connected to the Project decided to create an organization that would continue the work of fostering public interest in the conservation of the River.

One year later, the Rideau River Roundtable was realized. It brings together residents and the representatives of 35 organizations, including community and environmental groups, municipalities, government agencies and private businesses.

The Roundtable is mandated to coordinate research, educational projects and initiatives designed to:
Bullet. protect and improve the quality of the water in the Rideau River;
Bullet. protect and restore animal habitats, particularly fish habitats;
Bullet. preserve the River's biodiversity.


Aquatic caterpillar of the genus Synclita.
Aquatic caterpillar from the genus Synclita.
Join the Roundtable
Would you like to learn more about the Roundtable or participate in its activities? You will find information for contacting the Rideau Roundtable on its Web site:
A Project of the Canadian Museum of Nature
 Images: Canadian Museum of Nature, Ed Hendrycks, Diane Pathy