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The Rideau River Biodiversity Project


The Nature of the Rideau River

The Nature of the Rideau River: Portrait of the Biodiversity of a River Web site was created by the Canadian Museum of Nature. The information on the site is based on the results of the three years of research of the Rideau River Biodiversity Project, conducted by numerous Museum scientists and collaborators.

This site was created by the Museum's Web team.

The following people and businesses participated in the creation of the site.
Nicole Paquette (texts and illustrations)
Anne Botman (graphic design and production)
Anne Phelps (principal writer), Christopher Allaway, Catherine Dumouchel, Jean Lauriault, Nicole Paquette
Comtra Inc. (principal translator), Catherine Dumouchel, Nicole Paquette, Andrée Proulx, Kathleen Quinn
English Editor
Kathleen Quinn
French Editors
Nicole Paquette, Andrée Proulx, Francine Bouvier Goodman
Green frog, Lithobates clamitans.
Green frog, Lithobates clamitans.
Photographs and Illustrations
Christopher Allaway, Allan G. Austin, A.H. Baldwin, Ruben Boles, Kathleen Conlan, Thomas Cook, John A. Crosby, Fiona Currie, Lynn Gillespie, Paul Hamilton, Ed Hendrycks, Jean Lauriault, Linda Ley, Jacqueline Madill, André Martel, Valérie J. May, Andy Ormsby, Diane Pathy, Anne Phelps, Judy Redpath, Aleta Karstad Schueler, H.L. Todd
Fish Illustrations
Smithsonian Institution, NMNH, Division of Fishes

We are grateful to the Smithsonian Institution, which graciously allowed us to use several fish illustrations.
Diagrams and Maps
Anne Phelps (original data), Jana Bishop, Anne Botman, Alex Gillis
Graphic Design
i4design, Jana Bishop, Anne Botman
i4design, Jana Bishop, Anne Botman, Elaine McIntosh
Microscopic algae.
Microscopic algae.
Scientific Advisors
Algae: Paul Hamilton, Michel Poulin
Amphibians: Francis Cook
Biodiversity: Catherine Dumouchel, Jean Lauriault
Invertebrates: Kathleen Conlan, Ed Hendrycks
Mussels: André Martel, Diane Pathy
Birds: Michel Gosselin, Ken Ross
Plants: Lynn Gillespie
Fish: Claude Renaud
Water Quality: Paul Hamilton, Michel Poulin
Reptiles: Francis Cook, Mike Rankin
Advisors: Rideau River Biodiversity Project and Rideau River Roundtable
Charles Billington, Catherine Dumouchel, Jeff Kohl, Jean Lauriault, Michel Poulin
Aquatic beetle of the Elmidae family.
Aquatic beetle of the Elmidae family.
Charles Billington, Micheline Beaulieu-Bouchard, Laurier Busque, Mònica César, Fiona Currie, Phil Feuerstack, Jean-Marc Gagnon, Micheline Grondin, Claire Haas, Jodie Lane, Jacqueline Madill, Gillian Organ, Mélanie-Anne Way, Jonathan Wise
The Web team of the Canadian Museum of Nature sincerely thanks all those who participated in the creation of this site.
© 2002 Canadian Museum of Nature


Pickerelweed, Pontederia cordata.
Pontederia cordata.
A Project of the Canadian Museum of Nature
 Images: Ruben Boles, Thomas Cook, Ed Hendrycks, Linda Ley