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Aquatic Invertebrates


Species List

The following aquatic invertebrates were found in the Rideau River during the Rideau River Biodiversity Project.

In many cases, the genus of the animal could be identified but not the species. In these cases, the species is designated by the abbreviation sp. or in plural as spp.

Scientific Name
Common Name
Stage of Aquatic Development
Insecta - Insects
Ephemeroptera - Mayflies
  Baetis sp.   nymph
  Callibaetis sp.   nymph
  Centroptilum sp.   nymph
  Cloeon sp.   nymph
  Stenacron sp.   nymph
  Tricorythodes sp.   nymph
Odonata - Dragonflies and Damselflies
Dragonfly Basiaeschna janata   nymph
Dragonfly Neurocordulia sp.   nymph
Dragonfly Erythemis sp.   nymph
Damselfly Amphiagrion sp.   nymph
Damselfly Argia sp.   nymph
Damselfly Chromagrion sp.   nymph
Damselfly Enallagma spp.   nymph
Damselfly Ephemerella spp.   nymph
Damselfly Ischnura sp.   nymph
Hemiptera - True Bugs
  Trepobates sp.   nymph and adult
  Gerris sp.   nymph and adult
  Merragata spp.   nymph and adult
  Neoplea striola   nymph and adult
  Microvelia borealis   nymph and adult
Lepidoptera - Butterflies and Moths
  Parapoynx sp.   larva
  Synclita spp.   larva
Trichoptera - Caddisflies
  Agraylea sp.   larva
  Cheumatopsyche sp.   larva
  Helicopsyche sp.   larva
  Hydropsyche borealis   larva
  Hydroptila sp.   larva
  Leptocerus americanus   larva
  Nectopsyche sp.   larva
  Oecetis sp.   larva
  Orthotrichia sp.   larva
  Oxyethira sp.   larva
  Phryganea sp.   larva
  Polycentropus sp.   larva
  Triaenodes sp.   larva
Diptera - Dipterans
Flies, Midges, Gnats, Mosquitoes      
  Anopheles sp.   larva
  Bezzia sp.   larva
  Dictya sp.   larva
  Limnophora sp.   larva
  Pentaneura sp.   larva
  Probezzia sp.   larva
  Sepedon sp.   larva
Midges Chironomidae (Midge) family (spp.)   larva
Coleoptera - Beetles
  Berosus sp.   larva and adult
  Copelatus sp.   larva and adult
  Donacia sp.   larva and adult
  Dubiraphia sp.   larva and adult
  Enochrus sp.   larva and adult
  Haliplus sp.   larva and adult
  Neohaemonia sp.   larva and adult
  Peltodytes sp.   larva and adult
  Stenelmis spp.   larva and adult
  Tropisternus sp.   larva and adult
Scientific Name
Common Name
Stage of Aquatic Development
Chelicerata - Chelicerates
Hydrachnida - Water Mites
  Arrenurus spp.   larva and adult
  Atractides sp.   larva and adult
  Forelia sp.   larva and adult
  Frontipoda americana   larva and adult
  Hydrodroma despiciens   larva and adult
  Koenikea sp.   larva and adult
  Krendowskia similis   larva and adult
  Lebertia sp.   larva and adult
  Limnesia spp.   larva and adult
  Limnochares sp.   larva and adult
  Neumania spp.   larva and adult
  Oxus sp.   larva and adult
  Piona spp.   larva and adult
  Sperchon sp.   larva and adult
  Unionicola sp.   larva and adult

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