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Our Archives

The Nature Art Collection

Jeffrey A. Scovil © Canadian Museum of Nature


This modern carving, by Gerd Dreher, of nephrite jade on a white chalcedony (quartz) base, copies an earlier work by Fabergé.

Besides the beautiful and exactingly naturalistic backgrounds of the dioramas on exhibition in the museum, our nature art collection includes:

  • more than 1800 oil paintings
  • watercolours
  • photographs
  • drawings
  • decoys
  • sculptures and carvings

Artists such as Grondin, Landsdowne, Bateman, Ely Kish, Malak Karsh and Belzaire are represented in this wonderful collection.

The Photograph Collection

Mostly photographed by the museum's staff, this collection consists of more than 275 000 slides, photos, negatives and glass plates. This collection represents images of the natural world, with an emphasis on Canadian material. It is preserved as a distinct collection in the library at our research and collections facility.

Some material is available for reproduction. Please enquire about permission, fees and selection.


The archives hold approximately 600 linear meters of institutional and private records. The institutional records offer insight into the past and present activities of our exhibits, research, collection and administration. The private collections include records of the Canadian Society of Zoologists and the private works of Viola MacMillan.

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Allan G. Austin © Canadian Museum of Nature


Northern Cardinal
Cardinalis cardinalis

Photographs from Nature

Why should we be the only ones to appreciate the great stuff in our Photograph Collection? Have a look at our showcase of Photographs from Nature.