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Friday, August 17, 2018

Brain: The Inside Story.
  • Brain: The Inside Story
  • Exhibition – Special
  • Explore the complexity of this remarkable organ!
    Imaginative art, vivid brain-scan imaging and dynamic interactives.

  • Until September 3

Courage and Passion: Canadian Women in Natural Sciences.
Art of the Plant.
  • Art of the Plant
  • Exhibition – Botanical art
  • Admire botanical art at the museum that features artistic renderings of native plants from across Canada.

  • Until October 14

Exhibitions and Galleries.
  • Exhibitions and Galleries
  • Exhibition – Interactives
  • Discover mysteries of water and Earth, as well as the creatures that inhabit our planet now and in the past.
Take Care of Your Brain.
Brain Teaser.
  • Brain Teaser
  • Animal sensory brain game
  • Activity – Hands-on
  • Until September 3: Daily

Fascinating Arctic!.
  • Fascinating Arctic!
  • Arctic Connexions
  • Activity – Hands-on; informal discussion
  • Until September 3: Daily

Backyard Wilderness 3D.
Amazon Adventure 3D.
The Wild Canadian Year.
Landscapes of Canada Gardens.