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Water Gallery

Changes Coming to the Water Gallery

April 23 – May 17: The rear portion of the Water Gallery will be closed for renovations.

The Water Gallery is all about our greatest and most precious natural resource.

Did you know that 70% of our planet is covered in water? Here's your chance to discover the amazing diversity of life found in our marine and fresh waters, and explore the critical role that water plays in sustaining all living things—including us!

Observe live specimens and participate in hands-on activities. Ask questions... and get answers! Learn about tides, what it's like aboard an Arctic research vessel, why some deep-sea creatures glow in the dark, and much more. Interactive displays, models and videos will educate and delight visitors young and old.

And meet our star attraction: a real skeleton of a blue whale—the largest animal ever to live on our great blue planet.

The world of water is waiting for you at the Canadian Museum of Nature!