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Our Exhibitions


Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages.

Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages

May 20 – September 5
Step back in time and learn how ice and cold have shaped our world.

Owls Rendez-Vous .

Owls Rendez-Vous

Owls Rendez-Vous is currently closed. Learn more.



Set Your Sights on the World!
A stunning, seven-metre inflated sculpture of planet Earth by artist Luke Jerram.



Until Sept. 5—Extended Run!

Ethereal shadow drawings of animal skulls and bones by artist Lorraine Simms.



Explore an Inuvialuit family’s tradition of beluga harvesting and conservation.

Permanent Galleries

Bugs Alive .

Bugs Alive

Colourful and cheerful, Bugs Alive an engaging, live exhibition of various insects, arachnids, and millipedes.

Fossil Gallery.

Fossil Gallery

Travel back to end of the age of dinosaurs, their extinction, and the beginning of the age of mammals in the Fossil Gallery.

Canada Goose Arctic Gallery.

Canada Goose Arctic Gallery

Explore Canada's mysterious, vulnerable and unique Arctic in the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery.

Water Gallery.

Water Gallery

Discover the amazing diversity of life on our blue planet in the Water Gallery. See a real whale skeleton!

Earth Gallery.

Earth Gallery

Discover the richness and origins of the Earth through interactive activities and fascinating specimens.

Mammal Gallery.

Mammal Gallery

See Canadian mammals in our beautiful dioramas and discover the animals' amazing adaptability.

Bird Gallery.

Bird Gallery

Our Bird Gallery presents the largest collection of Canadian birds on display in the world—more than 450 species!


Past Exhibitions

Exhibitions presented at the museum in previous years.