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Investigating Plants

Workshop at the Museum

Recommended for
Ontario: grade 3
Quebec: elementary cycle 2.

Robert McCaw © Canadian Museum of Nature


Students use experimentation and observation to study growth and changes in plants.

Compare the needs of plants and animals, dissect and draw a bean sprout, play a quiz game and plant a seed to take back to class.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Curriculum links (link goes to the bottom of the page).


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  • $1 per student, in addition to museum admission (admission: $9)
  • Tax is not included
  • See if your class qualifies for Nature Express, our financial-aid program.

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Curriculum Links—Ontario

Grade 3

Science and Technology
Understanding Life Systems: Growth and Changes in Plants

Developing Investigation and Communication Skills

  • Observe and compare the parts of a variety of plants.
  • Germinate seeds and record similarities and differences as seedlings develop.
  • Investigate ways in which a variety of plants adapt and/or react to their environment, including changes in their environment, using a variety of methods.

Understanding Basic Concepts

  • Describe the basic needs of plants, including air, water, light, warmth, and space.

Curriculum Links—Quebec

Elementary Cycle 2

Mathematics, Science and Technology

Competency 2: To make the most of scientific and technological tools, objects and procedures

  • To become familiar with the roles and functions of scientific and technological tools, techniques, instruments and procedures.

Essential Knowledges / Living Things / Matter

  • Organization of living things: anatomy of plants.

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