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Arctic Habitats

Workshop at the Museum

Recommended for
Ontario: grade 4
Quebec: elementary cycle 2.

Explore the beautiful Canada Goose Arctic Gallery. Touch and examine plant and animal specimens and describe and consider their amazing adaptations.

In this workshop, students discover predator-prey relationships and build an understanding of how the community of Arctic species haven't just adapted to the cold, but also to each other!

Duration: 50 minutes.

Curriculum links (link goes to the bottom of the page).


New dates coming soon.


  • $1 per student, in addition to museum admission (admission: $9)
  • Tax is not included
  • See if your class qualifies for Nature Express, our financial-aid program.

Information and Reservations

As a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 virus, we are not taking reservations at this time.

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Curriculum Links—Ontario

Grade 4

Science and Technology
Understanding Life Systems

Relating Science and Technology to Society and the Environment

  • Learn how different animals survive in their Arctic habitat, and how they and humans all affect each other

Curriculum Links—Quebec

Elementary Cycle 2
Mathematics, Science and Technology

Living Things

  • Identify characteristics, growth and organization of organisms
  • Observe interactions between living organisms and their environment (including humans)

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