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Animations and Videos

Reliable teacher resources produced by the Canadian Museum of Nature.


3D Dinosaurs

Links go to YouTube.

Walking the Chasmosaur

3D Chasmosaur Dinosaur Rising

Phantom Footsteps

Dinosaur-Walk Study Using 3D Imaging



Algae and Bioluminescence

Insects and Bioluminescence

Molluscs and Bioluminescence

Sea Life and Bioluminescence

Our Research in the Spotlight

Antarctic Pollution

Arctic Marine Research

The Invaders (invasive species)

Documenting Biodiversity

Other YouTube Playlists

Nature Scoop
Dozens of short stories from behind the scenes at the museum, often linked to scientific news.

Puijila: A Prehistoric Walking Seal
Three videos about this unique fossil and its discovery in the Arctic.

Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare
Seven videos about Arctic-hare behaviour.

Our YouTube Channel

All of the museum's videos on YouTube (including the above).

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