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Water in Our Lives

Workshop at the Museum

Tania Arbic © Canadian Museum of Nature


Recommended for
Ontario: grade 2
Quebec: elementary cycle 1.

In this eye-opening workshop, students make honest and meaningful observations about the relationship between humans and water.

Learn about water pollution and scarcity through engaging demonstrations and experiments. Students will explore water in its three states, play with its properties, filter and clean dirty water, and propose ideas for the responsible care of this most precious resource.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Curriculum links (link goes to the bottom of the page).


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  • $1 per student, in addition to museum admission (admission: $9)
  • Tax is not included
  • See if your class qualifies for Nature Express, our financial-aid program.

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Curriculum Links—Ontario

Grade 2

Science and Technology

Understanding Earth and Space Systems: Air and Water in the Environment

Understanding Basic Concepts

  • Identify water as a clear, colourless, odourless, tasteless liquid that exists in three states and that is necessary for the life of most animals and plants.
  • Describe ways in which living things, including humans, depend on air and water.
  • Identify sources of water in the natural and built environment.
  • Identify the three states of water in the environment.
  • State reasons why clean water is an increasingly scarce resource in many parts of the world.

Understanding Matter and Energy: Properties of Liquids and Solids

Developing Investigation and Communication Skills

  • Describe the characteristics of liquid water and solid water, and identify the conditions that cause changes from one to the other.

Curriculum Links—Quebec

Elementary Cycle 1

Mathematics, Science and Technology

Competency: To explore the world of science and technology

  • To learn to use simple tools and procedures.
  • To become familiar with scientific and technological ways of reasoning and doing things.

Essential Knowledges / The Material World

  • Solid, liquid, gaseous state; phase changes (e.g., evaporation).

Essential Knowledges / Earth and Space

  • Water in all its forms (clouds, rain, rivers, lakes, oceans).

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