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Our Scientific Services

A variety of mounted beetle specimens in collection trays.

Search Our Collections

Online Database

Access data from the museum's collections: search, map results, and download data and images. Search our collections.

Collections Services

We offer a variety of services relating to collections, including specimen loans, taxonomic identification, zooarchaeological analysis, collection conservation and consulting, collection management.

Biodiversity Management

Training and capacity-building related to biodiversity are available from the museum in the areas of taxonomy, systematics, collections management and conservation and science education.

Workshop: Assessing and Managing Risks to Your Collections

These interactive, non-technical training workshops are open to anyone with a professional interest in collection preservation.

Microanalysis Laboratory

A variety of services are available, including identification and composition of minerals and inorganic solids, X-ray diffraction analysis and refinement, non-destructive gemstone identification, and electron imaging and photography.

Canadian Zooarchaeology

This publication is a forum for topics of interest to zooarchaeologists.

Acid-Free Storage Containers

Specimen and artefact boxes and trays of archival quality.