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Our Nature Art and Photo Collections

Jacob Xaver Schmuzer © Public domain


Explore a rich repository of art and photos from our collections through digitized images and stories.

Discover works from contemporary and historical artists and photographers, as well as insights from our experts working in the lab or in the field.

We're making this selection accessible for the first time through the Google Arts and Culture website.

Our collection there features hundreds of historical and contemporary images of specimens, fieldwork and our Nature Art collection.

Have a look!

About Our Visual-Art Collections

Our Photograph Collection consists of more than 275 000 slides, photos, negatives and glass plates that were photographed mostly by the museum's staff. This collection represents images of the natural world, with an emphasis on Canadian material.

Our Nature Art Collection includes more than 2500 items. Artists such as Grondin, Landsdowne, Ely Kish, Malak Karsh and Belzaire—to name just a few—are represented through oil paintings, watercolours, photographs, drawings, decoys, sculptures, carvings, tapestries, and even the painted backgrounds of the dioramas in the museum.

We have digitized more than 95 000 of the works.

These collections are held in our Library and Archives.

Using Our Images

We welcome enquiries about permission to reproduce museum-copyrighted material.

Find out more about how to use our images.