Collections-Based Research to Understand the Natural World

The Canadian Museum of Nature is a scientific leader in species discovery and Arctic research.

A centrifuge balance.


Our multidisciplinary team of scientists conduct leading-edge research in the natural sciences.

Lemming specimens arranged neatly in a tray.


Animals, fossils, minerals, plants and algae—more than 14.6 million specimens are preserved in Canada's natural-history collection.

A variety of mounted beetle specimens in collection trays.

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Access data from the museum's collections: search, map results, and download data and images. Search our collections.

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Science Experts

The museum's multidisciplinary team specializes in collection-based research in the life sciences and Earth sciences.

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Visiting-Scientist Awards

Doing collection-based systematics studies at the museum? We award travel grants. Apply now.

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Extraordinary Arctic

Check out this view on Arctic-related activities, events, research, etc. at the museum.

An interior page from Flora Londinensis.

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The library and archives are open by appointment. Search our catalogue online.