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Pavers on the museum grounds.

Steps across Canada

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Landscapes of Canada Gardens

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Outdoor Experience

  • Activity – Admission not required

Explore the museum's living outdoor exhibition space—a journey to several of Canada's notable ecozones. 

See approximately 60 species of native plants and trees typically found in the boreal forest, Arctic tundra, prairie grasslands and the ancient Mammoth Steppe. (Of course, the number of species will vary depending on the season!). 

Learn about each of the landscapes through interpretive signs, large-format photos and species labels. 

Enjoy a picnic or relax on a park bench. 

Balance your way along the log trail. 

Scramble among the granite rocks around the 13 metre stainless-steel "iceberg" sculpture. 

Take some memorable photos by our family of mammoths, or in front of the iceberg.

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Cost: Free.