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Jurassic Flight

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VR Ride: Be a Flying Pterosaur

  • Activity – Virtual-reality ride

Immersive Birdly VR Experience

Dive into a virtual reality adventure like no other. Soar through the prehistoric skies, high above dinosaurs, and view the world from the perspective of a pterosaur.

This thrilling, full-body VR experience uses the Birdly VR platform, which combines robotics and virtual reality technology. 

Glide, dive and bank as you fly by a photorealistic CGI cast of iconic dinosaurs, such as Stegosaurus, Allosaurus and Brontosaurus.

Jurassic Flight, produced by SOMNIACS in partnership with D3D Cinema, is the first natural environment in a series of Certified Birdly VR Experiences.

Riders must be at least 120 cm (48″) tall to ride Jurassic Flight.

Duration: 2.5 minutes (approximately).

Cost: $9 plus museum admission (tax not included).


September 215

Saturdays, Sundays
10 am – 4 pm
pm – 7 pm