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Courage and Passion: Canadian Women in Natural Sciences
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Courage and Passion: Canadian Women in Natural Sciences

July 28, 2018 – March 31, 2019

This exhibition celebrates Canadian women who broke barriers to pursue their passion for science.

Important Contributions
Each scientist brings her unique point of view, skill and brain power to understand and solve problems.

Pioneers in Equality of the Sexes
Despite challenges, women in science continue to chart a course for an exciting future.

A Large Choice of Careers
For the new generation, career opportunities are plentiful, making it possible to use a variety of skills.

Science in Action
Discover the work of women scientists today.
Dare yourself to face challenges:

  • Find what kind of scientist you are
  • Transform yourself into an expert and test your skills.

Two women working on deck.

Marine biologists Marie-Hélène Hubert and Kathy Conlan sieve the marine life out of mud that they dug up from the floor of the Beaufort Sea using a box corer.

A woman crouches among whale ribs in the museum's collections.

Marisa Gilbert is passionate about mammals and how the paleoclimate has played a role in their evolution. Phylogenetic analysis and field work are part of her role.

A woman looks at the image on a microscope screen.

Jennifer Doubt keeps tabs on more than one million specimens of Canadian wild plants. The Curator of Botany at the museum is here observing one such specimen on the screen of a microscope.

A woman looks at two transparent and dyed Windowpane Flounders (Scophthalmus aquosus) in a dish. Collection numbers: NMC80-0223, NMC80-0214.

The best Canadian Arctic fish collection in the world is cared for by museum experts such as Sylvie Laframboise.

A woman sits at a table working on a herbarium sheet.

As lovers of science and nature, volunteers such as Dayajyot Kaur enrich their knowledge at the museum and share their passion with visitors.

A woman and a girl observe rock samples together.

Sharing knowledge and stimulating curiosity are also part of women's work in science. The museum's educators and animators make it their profession.