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Dinosaurs, fossils, minerals and more! Discover an exciting selection of souvenirs at the Nature Boutique.


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Visiting with Kids

A day at the Canadian Museum of Nature is non-stop fun for kids of all ages!

Family Fun, Crafts and More

Check out the information below to see all the family activities and plan your day.

What's On

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In Our Galleries

All of our galleries and exhibitions feature interactive activities that are a fun way to learn. There are also special play areas where children can transform into a scientist or an explorer!

Water Gallery

  • Be awestruck by the real skeleton of a blue whale that is featured in our Water Gallery, as well as by the three aquariums.
  • Become an explorer and dive into the depths of the ocean in our research submersible.
  • Climb aboard our Arctic research vessel and perform the tasks of a scientist.

Earth Gallery

  • In the Earth Gallery, play interactive games and match objects with the metals used to make them.
  • Observe crystals and minerals under a microscope.
  • Flip through our original comic book that tells the astonishing story of the Buzzard Coulee meteorite, which fell in Canada in 2008. More than 130 fragments have been found to date.

Nature Live

  • Be fascinated by tarantulas, stick insects, beetles and a hive of honeybees that you can observe up close.
  • If your kids like creepy-crawly little critters, then they will love Nature Live. And don't miss the weekend activities in the Science Corner.

Fossil Gallery

  • Your children won't soon forget their encounter with the life-sized Daspletosaurus torosus and its impressive teeth in the Fossil Gallery!
  • The Extinction Theatre’s spectacular sound and light show explains how the dinosaurs disappeared. (May not be suitable for very young children).

Bird Gallery

  • Grab a stethoscope and try your hand as a veterinarian at the bird clinic in the Bird Gallery. Learn how to repair a broken wing and care for eggs.
A polar bear (Ursus maritimus).

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Girls and a birthday cake.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate at the Museum

Give your child—aged four to eight—an unforgettable birthday party! Information.

A young boy sits on his mother's lap and holds a cookie.

Services for Families

Changing stations, nursing room, stroller loans, lunch area, coat check... A host of services make things easier for young families visiting the museum.