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Snowflake Extravaganza

Let It Snow!

Tiny ice crystals, snowflakes are miracles of beauty—unique masterpieces of design.

Bring the magic of snowflakes into your home. Make your own digital snowflake, or create a paper one.

Find out why no two snowflakes are the same in our Science Moment.

Step back in time and learn how ice and cold have shaped our world in our special exhibition, Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages.

Planet Ice Virtual Snowflake Maker

Text: Planet Ice Snowflake Maker. Image: A detail of a snowflake.

Design your own beautiful 6-sided snowflake, then share it with us on social media!

Make Paper Snowflakes

A detail from the instruction sheet.

Fold and cut paper into a pretty decorative snowflake!

Download the instruction sheet (PDF).

The Science Behind Snowflakes

Did you know there is an infinite number of possible snowflake shapes, but each snowflake has the same underlying crystal structure? 

Museum mineralogist Aaron Lussier, Ph.D., shares his knowledge of snow and ice in this Science Moment video! (3 min. 5 sec.).

Add Your Creation to Our Gallery!

Tag us on social media @museumofnature to add your snowflake to our snowflake gallery.

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