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Species Hybridization

Rethinking Extinction

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When a species goes extinct, it disappears from Earth, right? Maybe not. What happens when two distinct species breed and produce a hybrid? Does this mean the end for the parent species? Is human activity making this possible?

Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature


Kamal Khidas

Mammalogist Kamal Khidas enlightened the audience about hybridization in nature.

The interview was conducted in French by RubyTFO host Fabienne L'Abbé on February 19, 2014.

Text: Kamal Khidas, Ph.D. Image: Kamal Khidas.

Kamal Khidas, Ph.D.

As if overseeing a collection of over 1 800 000 vertebrate specimens Curator of the museum's Vertebrate Section were not enough, Kamal Khidas is also active in research, studying the biology and ecology of land mammals, environmental factors that determine the distribution and abundance of species, mathematical modeling of community and species responses to environmental changes, and the biological conservation of species.

Kamal's work on the hybridization of bobcat and lynx in eastern Canada makes him an ideal person to guide us through the topic of species hybridization in the wild and our understanding of extinction of species.


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