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Plant Intelligence

Rethinking Thinking

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Are plants as dumb as they seem? Or, can they react, think, communicate, play, even learn? Could Little Shop of Horrors be an extrapolation of fact, rather than pure fiction?

Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature


Paul Sokoloff

In an on-stage conversation at the museum, botanist Paul Sokoloff explored the world of research into plant intelligence. It's a foray into a world of thought that will make you think.

The interview was hosted by Ivan Semeniuk, a journalist with the Globe and Mail. It was held in English on March 18, 2014.

Paul Sokoloff.

Paul Sokoloff

Whether he is on expedition in the Arctic discovering never-before-seen occurrences of Arctic plants, or caring for the National Herbarium, museum Research Assistant Paul Sokoloff is passionate about plants.

In addition to his dedicated work collecting and preserving plant specimens, Paul is active in the museum's DNA Lab, where his research strives to unravel the evolutionary mysteries locked in Canada's plant species.

Paul's endless curiosity and open-mindedness makes him an ideal guide to help us explore the often unbelievable world of research into plant intelligence.


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