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Rethinking Forever

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T. rex Steak on the Menu?

Imagine a world where T. rex steak is on the menu and Passenger Pigeons darken the skies once again. Movies such as Jurassic Park planted the idea of resurrecting extinct species in the popular imagination, but can we? And if we can, should we?

Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature


Jordan Mallon

In an on-stage conversation at the museum, palaeontologist Jordan Mallon provided scientific data and scenarios to consider with regard to de-extinction. His guidance helped deepen the informal discussion that followed.

The interview was hosted by Ivan Semeniuk, a journalist with the Globe and Mail. It was held in English on on January 15, 2014.

Learn more about de-extinction:

Jordan Mallon.

Jordan Mallon, Ph.D.

Between retracing the historic trail of the famed Sternberg family of fossil hunters and leveraging the newest technologies to uncover the microscopic wear patterns of dinosaur teeth, postdoctoral fellow Jordan Mallon is hard at work to reveal the secrets of the prehistoric past. His work focuses mainly on the ecology of the herbivorous dinosaurs that roamed Western Canada—how these animals lived with each other and in their environment.

Jordan's work exploring the ecological interconnectedness of ancient worlds makes him a great person to help us explore the big questions around bringing back extinct species, what is and will be possible, and what the outcomes of this exciting field of study may be.



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