Welcome Back!

Tickets: You must buy your tickets online, in advance, and for a specific time.
Read more about what's going on and what's different, as we re-open.

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Welcome Back to the Museum!

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How to Visit

Video Featuring Martin the Moose

Get the need-to-knows of our reopened museum experience from our mascot (3 min. 34 sec.).

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Spooky Scavenger Hunt

At the Museum

Take part in our scavenger hunt and learn more about some of the spooky creatures hiding in our museum!

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Museum Hours

Wednesday – Friday
10 am – 4 pm

10 am – 11 am reserved for members
11 am – 4 pm


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Buy Tickets in Advance

Tickets are limited and for a specified entry time, and they must be purchased in advance. Buy tickets.

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Visitors and staff (age two plus) are required to wear a face mask and respect social distancing. Exceptions apply (see below).

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A new rigorous cleaning routine is in effect. High-touch areas will be cleaned more regularly. Hand sanitizer is available for our visitors throughout the museum.

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Welcome Back


Find out more about what to expect during your visit.

We've Missed You

We're excited to have reopened our doors. Rediscover the magic of dinosaurs, the majesty of a blue whale, the mysteries of the Arctic, and the amazing diversity of mammals and birds—all here at your national natural-history museum.

Of course, because of precautions around COVID-19, we've made some changes, following the advice of public-health authorities. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we adapt to these new conditions.

What You Can See and Do

  • Explore our permanent galleries. Stroll at a leisurely pace; only 250 people can be in the museum at any one time!
  • Enjoy our new special exhibition Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages (until January 3, 2021). This world premiere was developed by our team at the museum.
  • Take part in our Spooky Museum Scavenger Hunt. Learn more about some of the spooky creatures hiding in our museum!
  • See the Earth in a new way. Be amazed by the stunning 7-metre sculpture called Gaia, newly installed in our atrium.
  • Shop in the Nature Boutique.

Before You Visit

  • Please read our Terms for Visiting about safe practices.
  • If you feel ill, are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or have travelled outside the country in the past 14 days, please stay home.
  • Tickets must be purchased online.
  • Admission is time-ticketed. There are 25 tickets available for every 15-minute time slot.
  • Arrive at the museum no earlier than 10 minutes before the entry time on your ticket.
  • Download a floor plan (PDF). Printed plans will not be available on site.
  • New hours:
    • Wednesday to Friday: 10 am to 4 pm
    • Weekends: 11 am to 4 pm
    • Reserved for members: Thursdays and Sundays, 10 am to 11 am
  • Admission is free from 2:45 pm to 4 pm, Wednesday to Friday, but you need to reserve a ticket (last bookings at 2:45 pm).

What You Can Expect During Your Visit

Video: Welcome Back 

Watch our video as another way to find out what to expect during your visit.

Health and Safety

  • A mask covering the face, nose and chin must be worn by all staff and visitors, including children over age two. Exceptions (proof is not required):
    • children under two years old
    • people who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons
    • those who require accommodations in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • Respect physical distancing (2-metre separation) for those not in your social bubble.
  • Hand sanitizers are placed throughout the museum.
  • The frequency of rigorous cleaning has been increased across the museum.

Moving Around the Museum

  • To ensure physical distancing and to avoid congestion, follow the path marked by arrows on the floor.
  • You will follow one-way traffic up one side of the museum and down the other.
  • Space on elevators is limited, so we encourage use of stairs as much as possible.
  • Visitors will enter through a large tent outside and to the right of the main doors. Your ticket will be processed inside the tent. Dress accordingly.


  • High-touch areas are closed for now. These include the Arctic Research Vessel (Water Gallery), the Bird Care Clinic (Bird Gallery), the Extinction Theatre (Fossil Gallery), the Limestone Cave (Earth Gallery) and the Live Butterflies exhibition.
  • Hands-on interactives in galleries will not be accessible.
  • Touchless and stylus-accessible interactives in Planet Ice remain open (a stylus will be provided).
  • The theatre is closed.

Food and Refreshments

  • Food and drink are not permitted inside the museum. You may bring a water bottle. Water fountains are turned off, so please fill your water bottle in advance.
  • Nature Café and vending machines are closed; no outside food is permitted.
  • Re-entry within two hours of the entry time on your ticket will be permitted so that you can leave in order to eat.


  • Strollers are not available for loan at this time.
  • Wheelchairs are available by request.
  • Personal strollers are permitted, but we encourage you to walk with children and toddlers to avoid the wait for the elevator when possible.
  • Lockers, coat check, and ATM kiosks (bank machines) are not available at this time.

Information for Members

  • Members are required to reserve tickets online before visiting. You must get your tickets in advance.
  • On Thursdays and Sundays, a special time slot from 10 am to 11 am is reserved exclusively for members.
  • Proof of membership will be required at the time of entry.
  • About membership.


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