The museum is closed temporarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.

View of the museum entrance.

Museum Closed

Until Further Notice

The museum is closed temporarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.

Green parking sign.

Parking Is Open

Our paid parking lots remain open for use during the museum's temporary closure.

A screen shot from 3D 360° Self-Guided Tour.

3D 360° Self-Guided Tour

Interesting Tidbits

Take yourself on a virtual tour of the museum through a stunning 3D model with 360-degree views of the interior.

A museum employee in front of the Victoria Memorial Museum Building.

Virtual Visits to the Museum

Video Experience

Dinosaurs, exhibitions, history, insights and fun facts all revealed in a series of virtual tours! See all the galleries!

Adults and a child with paper and pencils at a coffee table.

Explore Nature


Discover a wide variety of fun and interesting things that you can do to enjoy nature at home—or anywhere.

A pygmy aster (Symphyotrichum pygmaeum).

Read Our Blog

Go behind the scenes through our blog. The museum is a lively place!