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Illustration of muskox and ground squirrel.

Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages

Until January 3

Step back in time and learn how ice and cold have shaped our world. 

Detail of the maquette for a steel sculpture of an iceberg, by Bill Lishman.


Nature Inspiration Awards

Find out about the award winners and their extraordinary achievements.

Logo: Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday

December 1

Giving Tuesday is your opportunity to give back by investing in the life and future of the museum.

Museum scientist Danielle Fraser in front of a display of mammal fossils.

Science Moments

Video Series

Explore the science of cold and ice in relation to mammals, minerals, past cultures and Arctic plants.

A wintery scene.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

At the Museum

Take part in our scavenger hunt and learn more about some of the wintery birds hiding in our museum!

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