SOLD OUT - Friday, March 5th to Sunday, March 7th.

Advance tickets are required. Open Thursdays to Sundays. Learn more for a safe visit.

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Buy Tickets in Advance

Tickets are limited and for a specified entry time, and they must be purchased in advance. Buy tickets.

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What to Expect

Before Your Visit

In order to make the most of your visit, read our Welcome Back about what to expect at the museum as we try to help keep all of us healthy.

Detail of a maquette of a steel sculpture of an iceberg, by Bill Lishman.

Accepting Nominations

Deadline: June 4

Nature Inspiration Awards: $5000 prize for individuals and organizations. About nominations.

A wintery scene.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

At the Museum

Take part in our scavenger hunt and learn more about some of the wintery birds hiding in our museum!

A rusty can on the ground beside a skull, amid a variety of plants.

Symposium—The Biodiversity Crisis

Thursday, April 22

A virtual science symposium on the ongoing global biodiversity crisis. Free registration.

A mineral specimen and a video camera.

Virtual School Workshops


Connect your classroom online with museum educators! Explore natural history in a fun and interactive way that is also linked to your curriculum.

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