A blue butterfly.

Butterflies in Flight

Special Exhibition

Until March 31

Take a stroll among live butterflies!

Logo: Nature Nocturne. Illustrations of raccoons.

Nature Nocturne

October 25 – June 30

Seize the night! Explore your nature in these monthly events for adults.

A man, woman and two children look at insect specimens in a case on a table.

Open House: Our Collections

Saturday, October 19

Discover the millions of specimens housed in our Gatineau campus, as well as the research activities that take place there.

Detail of the maquette for a steel sculpture of an iceberg, by Bill Lishman.

Nature Inspiration Awards

Finalists 2019

Find out about the 23 finalists and their extraordinary achievements.

Suspended moon in the Queens’ Lantern.

Music under the Moon

Thursday, October 17

Enjoy the sounds of the Ottawa Regional Youth Choir—and a string ensemble from OrKidstra—under a giant suspended moon.

Life-sized models of the dinosaurs Daspletosaurus torosus and Vagaceratops irvinensis in our fossil gallery.

Our Exhibitions

Windows on the natural world:
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