A blue butterfly.

Butterflies in Flight

Special Exhibition

Extended until October 14, 2019!

Take a stroll among live butterflies!

Pterosaur graphic.

Pterosaur: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs

Special Exhibition

June 15 – September 2, 2019
Look up – if you dare. Experience this larger-than-life exhibit for yourself.

Satellite image of the Earth and the Moon.

The Planets

Thursday, July 25

This new BBC series tells the extraordinary life story of our solar system, one filled with astonishing spectacle and drama.

A woman wearing VR goggles.

Jurassic Flight

Immersive Birdly VR experience

Soar through the prehistoric skies, high above dinosaurs, and view the world from the perspective of a pterosaur.

Cool facts about the moon

Nature Scoop

Discover how the moon formed, what is the “man in the moon”, and more!

An image representing the movie.

Flying Monsters 3D

The story of how humans first discovered the prehistoric flying reptiles called pterosaurs, with David Attenborough. Schedule.

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