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A museum scientist shows Arctic specimens to a group of children and adults.

Sharing the Arctic

With the Public

Museum staff are keen to share information about the Arctic and foster interest in it.

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Arctic-Science Activities

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Guiding a box corer on board CCGS Nahidik in the Beaufort Sea.

Whether research- or collections-oriented, scientific endeavour at the Canadian Museum of Nature has a strong focus on the Arctic. Our researchers also share their expertise with like-minded institutions.

The Centre for Arctic Knowledge and Exploration
The centre expands the museum's capacity to meet the world's environmental challenges and inspire future scientists with a focus on Canada's Arctic.

Collection Data
Access data on Arctic specimens from the museum's collections.

Scientific Publications
Many of our researchers' publications reflect the museum's expertise in Arctic research and collections.

Research Fellowship
The W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship in Arctic Research at the Canadian Museum of Nature is a boon to Arctic science.

Our science staff members participate in and attend international conferences, including

Students on Ice
Each year, museum staff members participate as science educators on Students on Ice expeditions.

Northern Scientific Training Program
The museum's science experts are long-standing members of the Management Committee of the Northern Scientific Training Program, which distributes funds to students who travel to the North to conduct research.

Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna
The museum's botany experts are long-standing members the Arctic Council's Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (in the Circumpolar Flora Group and Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program).