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Plant-Scientist Colouring Pages

Sometimes, scientists who study plants (they’re called botanists) take their work outside to make observations and collect samples.

Collecting Moss Samples

The Collecting Moss Samples colouring page.

It's not actually true that moss on tree trunks grows only on the north side. A botanist who studies moss is called a bryologist.

Print the colouring page (PDF).

Collecting Lichen Samples

The Collecting Lichen Samples colouring page.

Is it surprising that lichens can grow on a seemingly bare rock? A botanist who studies lichens is called a lichenologist.

Print the colouring page (PDF).

Collecting Plant Samples

The Collecting Plant Samples colouring page.

When plants are collected so that they can be dried and studied, the roots are included.

Print the colouring page (PDF).

Making Observations around Camp

The Making Observations around Camp colouring page.

The plant press on the table helps dry plant samples that are stacked between layers of paper.

Print the colouring page (PDF).

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