Open Monday, May 23rd (Victoria Day)

Advance tickets are required. Open Wednesdays to Sundays. Learn more for a safe visit.

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Top Five Photo Spots at the Museum of Nature

Here are our top five photo location picks along with some awesome visitor photos to inspire your next visit to #MuseumofNature!

#1 Live Butterflies

Our butterfly house is temporarily closed.

#2 The Queens’ Lantern

If you want dramatic light then look no further than the museum’s most photographed location: the Queens’ Lantern. Capture all the angles as you stand under the moon, or climb the stairs of the Queens’ Lantern for a different view. 

#3 The Swamp Forest

RAWR! Seven life-sized dinosaurs locked in a dramatic conflict await you in the Fossil Gallery. Put on your acting hat and strike a pose! Engage with a dinosaur for a dramatic and scenic shot.

#4 Beyond Ice

Beyond Ice is sure to take your breath away and be the perfect backdrop for your shot. Pro tip: Head to the back of the ice for a shot that plays with sharp angles and cool light! In the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery

#5 Giant Hercules Beetle

Take a ride on our giant Hercules beetle in Bugs Alive! Our larger-than-life Hercules beetle is complete with two 3500 kg weights that you will be able to lift with ease. Impress your friends with your Herculean strength and your beetle-riding skills!