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Native-Plant Gardening

Helpful Leaflets

These leaflets offer practical advice and information to help you with a variety of activities ranging from the use of native plants in gardening to the conservation of biodiversity.

Surveying Your Garden

Practical advice for identifying the conditions in your garden before you get started in native plant gardening, whether you're starting from scratch or converting an existing garden.

Download the leaflet (PDF).

Getting Started in Native Plant Gardening

Practical tips for the beginner native-plant gardener.

Download the leaflet (PDF).

Natives at Our Nurseries

Advice on what to ask at your garden centre or nursery when buying native plants, with a view to minimizing environmental harm and protecting your investment

Download the leaflet (PDF).

Creating a Safe Garden for Birds

Easy-to-implement pointers about what birds need and how you can provide it in your garden through thoughtful plotting and appropriate plant selection.

Download the leaflet (PDF).

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