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Nature Patrons—Individuals

Overhead view of visitors in an exhibition.

Become a Patron

Patrons get great benefits for a five-year pledge, and support our work!

The wisdom of a shared vision. Become a Nature Patron and help the Canadian Museum of Nature inspire, connect and explore.

Your personal ongoing support is a strong statement of the importance of the museum's ongoing objective of engaging and educating Canadians about the importance of the natural world as Canada's national natural heritage museum.

In recognition of the unique group of members who help sustain the work of the museum by way of continued philanthropic support, the museum extends unique privileges providing a special and exclusive connection to the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Some Nature Patrons are also National Nature Council Patrons.

Become a Patron

To lend your support, or for information on the benefits of becoming a Nature Patron, please contact us:

Patron Levels

Level Annual Gift
Naturalist $1000
Explorer $2000
Visionary $5000
Founder $10 000

Patron Benefits

Benefit Founder
$10 000 annually
$5000 annually
$2000 annually
$1000 annually
Permanent name-recognition on the museum's award-winning Donor Wall *      
Recognition as a patron on the museum's web site, nature.ca *      
Annual entertaining privileges at the museum 50% discount      
Behind-the-scenes tour of the museum's research and collections facility, or an intimate group tour of the museum * *    
A portion of your support is directed to offering free admission to a community organization or school in need * *    
Invitation to lunchtime seminars hosted by museum scientists at our research and collections facility * * *  
Recognition as a patron on our award-winning Donor Wall's interactive touch screen * * * *
Invitation to exclusive annual patron event * * * *
Exclusive gold-plated maple-seed (samara) lapel pin * * * *
A special gift from the Canadian Museum of Nature (e.g., a museum-authored book, a fossil, or a rock specimen) * * * *
Free admission to 3D/HD movies and special blockbuster exhibitions * * * *
Invitations to VIP openings and special events 3 3 2 2
Discounted parking passes 3 3 2 2
Recognition in the museum's annual report * * * *
Income-tax receipt for maximum allowance * * * *
Membership benefits for one full year * * * *

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