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National Nature Council

Logo of National Nature Council.

The National Nature Council is a group of philanthropists from across Canada who believe in the vision of the Canadian Museum of Nature and wish to be a part of our future. Philanthropy is key to advancing our mission to inspire understanding and respect for nature.

This distinguished group comprises individuals who have made a personal gift of cash or collection specimens to the Canadian Museum of Nature valued at $25 000 or more.

The council is our first comprehensive profile-raising and fundraising effort. These activities will create unprecedented opportunities to increase the museum's impact, both nationally and internationally.

The council is also helping us to expand our capacity to meet the world's environmental challenges and inspire future scientists.


Ian Pearce


Wendy Cecil
Mark McLean

The Council's Priorities

  • Advancing and sharing knowledge about Canada's Arctic and Canada's biodiversity through investments in our research- and collections-management programmes
  • Enhancing experiences for learning and discovery through an ambitious corporate sponsorship programme in support of international travelling exhibitions and relevant public education
  • Connecting Canadians with critical environmental issues by bringing the discussion to them with enhanced digital-outreach programming.

Museum Ambassadors

Members of the National Nature Council lend their support to the museum as members of our Patron Circle, starting at the Visionary level. They serve as ambassadors in their respective communities, working diligently on behalf of the museum to gain national support for our future plans. And, they assist by identifying potential donors and sponsors.

All are deeply committed to the museum's future as it begins its second century as an internationally first-ranked museum for Canada.


Louise Beaubien LePage
Meg Beckel
Wendy Cecil
Adam and Claudia Chowaniec
Stephen Henley
Susan Knott
John Larche
Frank and Loretta Ling
Mark and Judy McLean
Florence Minz
Nicholas Offord
Ian and Michelle Pearce
Harold Robinson
Marcia Smith
The Ross Beaty Family

Collections Patrons

Jacque Chabot
Donald Doell
Patrick Doyle
Robert Durie
François Génier
Yvon Génier
Pierre Gonin
Henry and Anne Howden
Ole Johnsen
Stewart Peck
Richard Rue
Andrew Smith
Charles Svoboda
Barbara and Henry Wilman
Ken Wintle

Legacy Patrons

Dr. N.B. Keevil Estate
Mrs. Viola R. MacMillan Estate

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Laura Evans, C.F.R.E.
Director, Advancement