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Meet Your Nextie Committee

Join Nature Next and Help Us Save the World!

Nature Next was started by a group of volunteers in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature to empower the next generation to save the world for future generations through evidence, knowledge and inspiration!

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Stephanie Beaulac © Canadian Museum of Nature


Morgan Berson

Morgan Berson works on the Advancement team at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Prior to working at the museum, Morgan was a full-time coffee snob. Coffee is now just a part-time hobby that combines nicely with his love of baking. Seriously, ask him about his banana bread.

A proud Raven, Morgan is a graduate from Carleton University with a double major in Honours Communications Studies and Honours Psychology. He is currently finishing up a Certificate in Fundraising Management at Algonquin College.

When he's not baking, working or doing homework you can probably find him with his head in a good book, or doing some sort of DIY project.


I am excited to work on the Nature Next committee because I want to be able to see my children and grandchildren run through the museum and enjoy the beauty of nature.
– Morgan Berson

Stephanie Beaulac © Canadian Museum of Nature


Rebecca Bromwich

Rebecca Bromwich is a lawyer, Ph.D., law professor and mom of four. Currently, Rebecca is Program Director for the Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution program. She is also a per diem Crown Attorney with the Ministry of the Attorney General in Ottawa. She is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (ADRIO) and has a Certificate from the Program on Negotiation Master Class at Harvard University (2017). In 2018, Rebecca received a Certificate in Mediation from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.


I am delighted to be volunteering with the Canadian Museum of Nature in support of scientific research and environmental stewardship. It's great to be part of a team planning ways to ensure that saving the world, and educating our communities, through evidence-based research, involves cocktails, creativity and fun.
– Rebecca Bromwich

Sean Rhoads © Sean Rhoads


Keri Fisher

Keri Fisher volunteers as a fossil preparator at the Canadian Museum of Nature's research and collections facility. She is a native of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Keri earned her B.Sc. in Biology at the University of Alberta and her M.Sc. in Geology at the University of Delaware. She is mother to four cats and three tortoises, along with her husband Sean Rhoads. Keri is an avid amateur shrimp keeper, and she enjoys traveling, wildlife photography, snorkeling and good wine.


Being part of Nature Next is a great way to support the important research being done at the Canadian Museum of Nature as well as attend great and interesting events. I really enjoy being able to find out about the new research coming from the scientists at the museum and be a part of supporting such an important endeavour.
– Keri Fisher

Anne Khazzam © Anne Khazzam


Emma Khazzam

Since infancy, Emma Khazzam has always asked, "Why?", and to help satisfy her insatiable curiosity, Emma's parents brought her, almost weekly, to the Canadian Museum of Nature. Emma used the permanent and temporary exhibitions as a springboard to further her scientific knowledge. She has studied nature around the world, exploring boreal forests, deserts, the Subarctic taiga, tropical rainforests, the African savannah, high-alpine glacial terrain, coral reefs and our wonderful Gatineau Park. Having pursued science throughout school, Emma is now an honours student in her final years in the Food Science program at Carleton University.


I continue to spend time at the Canadian Museum of Nature, and after being inspired by the women-in-science exhibition, I became a Nextie. I am very excited to have learned that my values of saving our world for future generations through evidence, knowledge, and inspiration are shared by my fellow Nexties and the Canadian Museum of Nature.
– Emma Khazzam

Keri Fisher © Keri Fisher


Sean Rhoads

Sean Rhoads has no background in science whatsoever, but is the husband of Keri Fisher. He hails from Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., the "Pretzel Capital of the World". Sean earned his B.A. in East Asian Studies and History at Dickinson College, his M.A. in East Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and his J.D. at Drexel University. He is a glutton for punishment, so he is currently working on a Ph.D. in English at Queen's University. Sean enjoys cats, cheese, cider and Oxford commas.


Although I don't personally have a background in science, I've always been interested in learning about the natural world and conserving the environment. Nature Next is an excellent way for me to support an important institution that I love and be a part of promoting wildlife protection and environmental preservation.
– Sean Rhoads

Tony Einfeldt © Tony Einfeldt


Amanda Savoie

Amanda Savoie is a marine biologist with a Ph.D. in seaweed taxonomy. Her specialty is red algae, a beautiful but often overlooked group of algae. She is a Research Scientist in the Botany section at the Canadian Museum of Nature and recently moved to Ottawa from Fredericton, New Brunswick. When she isn't scuba diving to hunt for seaweed, she enjoys rock climbing, skiing and knitting.


Nature Next is a great opportunity to meet other people who are excited about nature and to support and promote the work being done at the Canadian Museum of Nature.
– Amanda Savoie

Mitchel Pennell © Mitchel Pennell


Kirsten Strom

Kirsten Strom moved to Canada from the United States for school in 2007 and graduated from Carleton University with a double major in Political Science and Human Rights. She now has over a decade of experience working on Parliament Hill and is currently working for the Minister of Health.

Kirsten grew up in Montana, U.S.A., where she was immersed in the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and outdoor activity. She spent summers canoeing the Yellowstone River and hunting for fossils. Kirsten is actively engaged in the Ottawa Instagram community and volunteers at music festivals every summer. She spends her weekends hunting for graphic novels at used book stores and is learning to sew.


I am very excited to be a part of the work being done to engage, empower and activate environmentally minded young professionals through Nature Next.
– Kirsten Strom

Become a Nextie

To lend your support, or for information on the benefits of joining Nature Next, please contact us: