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Pavers on the museum grounds.

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Personalized Pavers

Make a donation for a personalized paver for the museum grounds.

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Become a Patron

Patrons get great benefits for a five-year pledge, and support our work!

Beautiful and fascinating, nature touches every aspect of our lives. As an authoritative source of knowledge and information, the Canadian Museum of Nature is committed to sharing the wonders of our natural heritage through exhibitions, educational programmes and scientific research. Its natural history collection represents the efforts of an almost-130-year-long collecting tradition, and its work supports the conservation of Canada's natural heritage!

In the video below, hear first-hand what inspires our donors to support the Canadian Museum of Nature. Learn about the impact their support has on our mission.

Gifts of Cash

Make a Donation

Make a donation to the Canadian Museum of Nature once, or pledge to give in instalments, such as by monthly contributions. Cash is the most common type of gift, and provides an immediate tax credit.

Gifts of Securities

Publicly traded securities that may be donated to the museum include mutual fund units as well as shares, bonds, warrants, options and futures that are traded on any prescribed stock exchange. The donor receives a tax receipt that reflects the full fair market value of the securities, but pays only half the "normal" tax on the capital gains. The resulting tax credits can far outweigh the tax incurred.

Establishing a Named Endowment

You may support the museum by establishing an endowment fund, in which the capital is invested over a period of years, often in perpetuity, while the income is spent on present-day needs. Consider naming an endowment to honour a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion.

Gifts in Kind

As a non-profit corporation, the Canadian Museum of Nature can issue income tax receipts for the fair market value of gifts in kind, such as artifacts or specimens. If your donation is certified as being of cultural importance and national significance by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board, it may be eligible for additional tax benefits.

Gifts of Real Estate and Other Assets

The museum welcomes gifts of personal property such as real estate, which may be retained or sold, at the museum's discretion.

An income tax receipt that takes the fullest possible advantage of Canadian tax law will be issued for donations of $20 or more. If you would like a tax receipt for your donation of $19 or less, please contact us. The Canadian Museum of Nature is a non-profit corporation.

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