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Nature Boutique

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Dinosaurs, fossils, minerals and more! Discover an exciting selection of souvenirs at the Nature Boutique.

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Products and Services

The range of products and services available from the Canadian Museum of Nature is as broad and as interesting as the range of activities.

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Ceremony, Reception, Photos

Host some—or all—of your big day in the new spaces of our historic stone building.

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Facility Rentals

Planning an event in Ottawa? Let our elegant, historic, castle-like setting and our dedicated staff help you create a magical event to remember!

  • Completely renovated, modernized facilities
  • Beautiful venues including the new tower

More information on facility rentals.

Text: Nature on Tour. Images: Geese in flight; four close-ups: bird feathers, the eye of a dinosaur model (Vagaceratops irvinensis), a specimen of azurite and malachite (CMNMC 54519), reptile skin.

Travelling Exhibition Rentals

Looking for new programming for your institution? We have many popular travelling exhibitions—small and large—that tour across Canada.

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Photo and Film Shoots

Either of our unique buildings would make great backdrops for your project, wedding or other event. Set your photo or film shoot against stunning interiors and exteriors. Whether for a commercial, educational, media, or fashion production, we've got a location for you. Find out more.

Caribou (Rangifer tarandus).

Reproduce Our Photos, Etc.

Looking for just the right photo? We have hundreds of thousands in our collection. Or maybe you found something on our website that you'd like to use? About licensing.

Pediastrum simplex.

Our Scientific Services

We have scientific expertise and equipment. Is there something we can help you with?

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Services for Families

A host of services make things easier for young families visiting the museum.