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Landscapes of Canada Gardens set to take root at Canadian Museum of Nature

Canadian Museum of Nature © Canadian Museum of Nature


Illustration that shows the Landscapes of Canada zones on the west side of the museum's property.

Ottawa, June 17 2015—A living outdoor botanical exhibit will soon enliven the grounds of the Canadian Museum of Nature. Starting the third week of June, the museum will begin landscaping the west side of its property to develop the Landscapes of Canada Gardens. The work is expected to be completed by November.

The plans, which were approved in May by the National Capital Commission, include landscaping of the museum’s site into zones that represent three different ecosystems of Canada: Arctic tundra, boreal forest and prairie grasslands. These mini ecozones will provide an outdoor exhibit area that extends the museum’s programming onto the landscape around the museum building. CSW Landscapes Architects Limited is the prime consultant for the project.

For each zone, the museum is adding new plants or trees that can typically be found in those regions. All are species native to Canada. The layout includes areas for “natural” play: a log trail, boulders in the tundra terrain, and a path through the grasslands zone. A space in the prairie zone will also be cleared for an open-air classroom or gathering place.

Construction will continue throughout the summer and fall. The work will involve general excavation, soil preparation, and grading; the seeding, and planting of new trees, grasses and plants representative of the ecozones; installation of an Arctic-themed sculpture in the tundra zone; and relocation of the popular mammoth sculptures to an area along McLeod Street.

To complete the work and to allow for the plantings to take root, the entire park area of the museum’s west side will be temporarily fenced off. Access is expected to re-open around November 2015 (with some temporary post fencing to remain until the growth gets established). Educational interepretive signage will be installed in 2016.

Plans and progress will be shared at nature.ca/west

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