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  6. Ikebana: Japanese flower arrangements welcome spring at the Canadian Museum of Nature

Ikebana: Japanese flower arrangements welcome spring at the Canadian Museum of Nature

© Gregor v. Bochmann


An Ikebana creation by Anne Breau, titled "Within the Grain".

Ottawa, April 10, 2015—An annual tradition is soon to enliven the Canadian Museum of Nature with the arrival April 16 to 19 of the 31st Ikebana exhibition.

For four days, the museum's rotunda will be resplendent with about 45 artistic creations presented by members of the Ottawa Chapter of Ikebana International. Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower design, and its origins date to the 6th century in Japan. The works combine natural materials such as branches, leaves, dried plants and fresh flowers.

The theme for the 2015 exhibit, Infusion, reflects the idea that although nature is perpetually changing, it is infused with patterns that maintain a continuity through time. Ikebana can be distinguished from other approaches such as "western flower arranging" by its asymmetrical form and the use of empty space as an essential feature of the composition. A sense of harmony among the materials, the container, and the setting is crucial. These are characteristics of aesthetics that Ikebana shares with traditional Japanese paintings, gardens, architecture, and design.

"Ikebana is much more than the placement of flowers in a vase. It is an art, in the same sense that painting and sculpture are arts. Ikebana combines natural beauty with artistic expression, and we are pleased to present this annual exhibition yet again at the Canadian Museum of Nature," says Wendy Batson, President, Ottawa Chapter of Ikebana International

Two schools are featured in the exhibition, representing the Sogetsu (contemporary) and Ohara (traditional) approaches. Access to Ikebana is included with regular admission. 

The Canadian Museum of Nature is at 240 McLeod Street (at Metcalfe). For general information phone 613.566.4700 or visit nature.ca. Follow the museum on Twitter (@museumofnature) or like us on Facebook.

NOTE TO MEDIA: Media are welcome to attend the opening reception for Ikebana: Infusion, on the evening of Wednesday, April 15 at 7 p.m. If interested, please follow up with contact below.

Information for media, to arrange interviews or to visit the exhibition:
Anne Breau
Public relations, Ottawa Chapter of Ikebana International
613.749.9045; 613.794.9045 (cell)

Dan Smythe
Senior Media Relations Officer
Canadian Museum of Nature
613.566.4781; 613.698.9253 (cell)