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Read more about what's going on and what's different, as we re-open.

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A Message from the Canadian Museum of Nature

COVID-19 Closure and Plans for Reopenig

Due to the COVID-19 virus, the Canadian Museum of Nature has been closed to the public since March 14 until further notice.

As a major attraction in the National Capital Region, and as one of Canada’s national museums, we look forward to welcoming back visitors – in a way that provides both safe access to the museum as well as a healthy experience for visitors and staff.

Our primary goal is to ensure that when we do open, we will be ready with the safest experience possible. To achieve this, we continue to follow guidelines from the federal Public Health Agency of Canada, as well as guidance from the Government of Ontario and Ottawa Public Health.

Our plans for reopening require some significant physical changes to manage thoroughfare and visitor distancing within the museum. As examples, we need to adapt to online ticket sales only, reconfigure our entrance and greeting area for visitors, avoid bottlenecks in galleries and public areas, limit use of hands-on interactives and play areas for children (an integral part of the learning experience) and so on.

Planning for these changes is well underway, but will require some time for implementation – keep in mind that we are working with a heritage building that is over a century old! 

We also need some new infrastructure and supplies which have not yet been received, let alone put in place.

Given all this, we are planning a public reopening in September. 

Internal operations such as research, exhibit development, and essential services such as animal care, have continued throughout the period.

Please check back here periodically for updates and follow us on our social media channels.

Nature Members

Please be assured that we will extend your current membership to match the length of our closure. Thank you for continuing to support the Museum through these difficult times. If you have any questions, please email membinfo@nature.ca