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Photo Gallery

We have an assortment of images for media to use.

Permission is given to use these images. Proper photo credit and copyright information must be indicated.

For high-resolution images, contact
Dan Smythe
Senior Media Relations Officer

View of the Mammal Gallery.

Dioramas and interactive stations in the Canadian Museum of Nature's Mammal Gallery.

View of the Bird Gallery.

The Canadian Museum of Nature's Bird Gallery displays 500 specimens.

The thinhorn sheep (Ovis dalli) diorama.

Thinhorn sheep diorama in the Canadian Museum of Nature's Mammal Gallery.

Two children walking through the diorama.

Kids love the dinosaur diorama in the fossil gallery.

View of some dinosaur specimens in the fossil gallery.

The fossil gallery displays 36 complete skeletons.

Interior view through the atrium at the second floor.

Heritage elements of the Canadian Museum of Nature were carefully restored.