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Advisory to the Neighbourhood—West Side Update (Trees)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

As indicated in an advisory earlier this month, the museum is proceeding with construction of the parking lot on the west side of its property. This activity follows approval from the National Capital Commission of concept plans for the next five years (4.2 Mb PDF).

The museum takes seriously the removal of any trees on its site (whether for health and safety reasons or others) and looks for mitigations where possible. The plans for the lot did require the removal of one maple tree. No other healthy trees will be removed during the work and all efforts will be made to protect existing trees during the construction. In the case of the maple tree, the museum agreed that it would plant two new trees elsewhere on the site, and the branches from the maple will be re-used as mulch during the construction.

As mentioned previously, the landscaping of the remaining part of the west side is subject to a separate approval process. In general, the plans for the Regions of Canada garden include maintaining existing trees, as well as the addition of new greenery that includes trees and shrubs. The museum also continues to actively monitor the health and safety of trees on the site through its existing landscaping inspections.

The concept plans and other information about the west side can be viewed at


Margaret Beckel
President and CEO
Canadian Museum of Nature

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