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Advisory to the Neighbourhood

West Side Update—May 17, 2012

PDF version (220 Kb PDF)

This neighbourhood advisory is as an update on the plans and process for the revitalization of the west side of the Canadian Museum of Nature. Full details, including the evolution of parking on the site as well as an updated Q&A document, can be found on the museum's web site at

On May 3, 2012, the museum's management met with the National Capital Commission's Advisory Committee on Planning, Design and Realty to discuss the museum's need for parking, its plans for the west side and the retention of temporary parking on the site.

The outcome of the discussion was that the museum would continue to explore options with the NCC; throughout this period, the status quo would be maintained with respect to the west side. Therefore, given the current status, and until a conclusion is reached with the NCC, there will be no public information session at this time.

Over the next two months, improvements will be made to the west side as follows:

  • a contractor will be hired to remove the surface gravel outside the parking area, add top soil and re-seed it using low- or no-maintenance grasses
  • leftover concrete curbs will be removed from the site
  • the parking lot's granular surface will be re-graded and compacted to remove ruts
  • poop-and-scoop signs will be installed on the site for dog walkers.

As the process continues to unfold, the museum will provide ongoing updates, through advisories such as this one and updates on A public presentation will be considered when there are final plans to present.


Margaret Beckel
President and CEO Canadian Museum of Nature

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