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A whale of a find: ice-age beluga featured in Planet Ice exhibition

The presence of the “Pakenham whale” links to a time 13,000 to 10,000 years ago, when an ice-age inlet of the Atlantic Ocean blanketed parts of Ontario and Quebec. This habitat for aquatic life, known as the Champlain Sea, was created by the retreating glaciers during the close of the last glacial period.


Tale of a tube worm—a new species from the Gulf of St. Lawrence

A tiny and elusive marine worm from the St. Lawrence Estuary has a new identity—thanks to the persistence of the museum’s Curator of Invertebrates, Dr. Jean-Marc Gagnon.

Virtual Open House: Video series reveals the diversity of Canada’s national natural-history collections

An October tradition that attracts thousands of nature enthusiasts has one gone online this year.