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Frequently Asked Questions

When are you accepting nominations?

The nomination period for 2022 runs has been extended until June 6, 2022.

How do I submit a nomination?

Information about nominations.

*New* This year, we are pleased to accept video submissions.

See the Nominations form to find the eligibility criteria and entry forms for these award categories: Youth, Adult, Not-for-Profit Organization (Small and Medium), Not-for-Profit Organization (Large), Community Action and Sustainable Business.

Check the eligibility criteria and then fill out the form for the selected category by June 6, 2022. The application includes information about the candidate and a questionnaire. Check How to Complete a Successful Nomination (PDF) for the full list of questions, as well as tips.

If you have any challenges completing the form, contact us at

May I nominate myself? May I nominate someone else?

You may apply for yourself or your organization. You may also nominate someone else for any one of the categories, as long as the nominee meets the eligibility criteria presented on the Nominations form.

My supporting document files are too large to be uploaded. What do I do?

If you are having problems with this field in the online nomination form, write "n/a" in the field and then send a link to Google Drive or Dropbox to us at

What are the benefits of being a Nature Inspiration Awards finalist or winner?

Finalists and winners get national recognition and visibility. This includes publication of their name on the museum's website, in the print advertisements for the awards in our media partner publications (The Walrus and The Globe and Mail), and on our social-media channels.

Finalists and winners are invited to the gala event, to be held on November 23, 2022.

One Grand Prize of $5000 is presented to the winner of each category. Winners are encouraged to donate these funds to one or more programs outside of their organization. These programs must be managed by registered charities.

Will the supporting documents be used by the museum?

Yes, the museum will use the supporting documents for promotion of the Nature Inspiration Awards. This may include use of images, video and text.

I applied last year; may I apply again?

Yes, you may apply again unless that nominee (whether you or a third party) has already won an award. Winners must wait two years before being nominated again.

If you apply again, you may update your nomination form, and we recommend that you focus on a different project or initiative. The selection criteria described on the Nominations page will be evaluated the same way.

When will I know if I'm a finalist and if I won?

The finalists will receive an email notification by mid-September.

The winners in each category will be revealed at the gala, in November. Finalists and winners will be invited to this gala.

What can I expect at the gala?

Finalists, winners and jury members are invited to the gala. This elegant event is also attended by government representatives, MPs, sponsors, donors and media.

The winners will be revealed that night, and a video produced by the museum that shows their achievements will be shown.

Before or after the gala, finalists and winners may be interviewed by regional and national media.


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