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2017 Award Winners

The Canadian Museum of Nature is proud to present the winners of the Nature Inspiration Awards.

Lifetime Achievement
Not-for-Profit Organizations (Small and Medium)
Not-for-Profit Organizations (Large)
Business (Small and Medium)
Business (Large)

Youth Award

Stella Bowles, 13, LaHave, Nova Scotia
This young environmental activist spearheaded a public awareness campaign to eliminate straight pipes, an older technology that was allowing untreated sewage to flow directly into her neighbouring LaHave river.

Adult Award

Max Finkelstein, retired, Ottawa, Ontario
Known as Canada’s “canoe man”, Max is an outstanding leader, educator and writer on

Canada’s natural history and river conservation. In 2015 he was named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Explorers by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Louis Fortier, Quebec City, Quebec
Louis Fortier, Ph.D. is the Scientific Director of ArcticNet. His vision and leadership have greatly influenced how Arctic research is conducted. He has helped integrate research disciplines, engage indigenous peoples in the research process, and forge revolutionary partnerships between academia and the private sector.

Not-for-Profit Organization Award (Small and Medium)

Nature Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Cats are one of the highest causes of bird deaths. Nature Canada’s innovative, positive campaign uses the power of social media as well as a graphic novel by Margaret Atwood to encourage cat owners to keep their pets safe and save birds.

Not-for-Profit Organization Award (Large)

Presented by Bruce Power.
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario
Through the recovery of two Blue Whales that died in 2014, the Royal Ontario Museum hopes that their new exhibition and inspirational whale story will inspire the public to learn more about these endangered animals and about ocean conservation.

Business (Small and Medium)

Ungalli Clothing Co., Thunder Bay, Ontario
Sisters Hailey and Bree Holinsworth founded Ungalli because they were concerned about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Ungalli's clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles, and re-used and organic cotton.

Business (Large)

Coca-Cola Canada, Toronto, Ontario
Coca-Cola Canada’s 2020 Vision is committed to replenishing 100% of the water used in its processes. Through community partnerships, the company is also helping to restore watersheds in Canada.