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A beetle specimen.

Travel Grants

Visiting Scientists in Entomology

Funding to facilitate research in beetle systematics and fossil insects in the museum's collections.

Detail of a maquette of a steel sculpture of an iceberg, by Bill Lishman.

Accepting Nominations

New deadline: June 6

Nature Inspiration Awards: $5000 prize for individuals and organizations. About nominations.

Several small mammals on bare ground.

The Museum's Blog

Science Experts

Our scientists do interesting work. Find out where they are and what they are discovering in our blog.

Museum research scientist Amanda Savoie looking for seaweed specimens in the intertidal zone at Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia. 

Ocean and Freshwater Connections

UN Decade of Ocean Science

Learn about the museum's research and education on aquatic species and water-related topics.

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International and National Leadership

Canada's National Museums: As one of Canada's national museums we have a mandate to reflect who we are as a country. Canada is regarded worldwide as a peaceful and progressive country of enormous natural beauty, prosperity and generosity of spirit.

Reflecting this, there are now six national museum corporations in Canada that tell our country's story. These cover broad themes of human history, science and innovation, art, immigration, human rights, and of course, nature. They speak to what makes Canada Canada, and what identifies us as Canadians.

A reputation as strong as Canada's does not come freely; it is hard earned—earned through exploration, discovery, challenge, conflict, mistakes and victories.

Perhaps because of a national character that is famously unpretentious, unassuming and unprejudiced, Canada's story is often undeclared and, too often, unknown. And yet, it is a rich and interesting story. It would have to be.

At our national museums, our story is not just told, it is experienced. And, like our country, our national museums are of international first rank.

In this spirit of this international position, the Canadian Museum of Nature plays a role in enhancing and advancing Canada's reputation and position through its participation and leadership in national and international organizations with aligned values and purpose:

In addition, our research and collection staff members have leadership roles in professional communities, help improve science, and serve Canadians and others.

Each year, many research publications are enabled by staff and associates, and/or by our research and collections facility. We publish Research Review as an annual overview.

Staff members from across the museum use many channels to communicate and interact with the public. See selected examples of our national reach.

Recognizing the leadership of others, the museum annually presents its own Nature Inspiration Awards. These honours recognize outstanding individuals and organizations that inspire respect for and encourage stewardship of our natural world.