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Research Opportunities


The Canadian Museum of Nature has a variety of interesting volunteer opportunities in our research and collections facility. This facility is located in Gatineau. It's open during business hours, Monday to Friday.

There is bus access to the building (generally every half hour) and free parking.

If you have a science background or enjoy fine-detail work, this is for you!

Position Duties

Assist with projects in botany, vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, mineral sciences and palaeobiology. Some possible duties include:

  • collecting and organizing reference materials
  • entering information into computer databases
  • preparing catalogue cards and identification labels
  • photographing or scanning materials and/or manipulating and organizing digital images
  • cataloguing, sorting and identifying specimens.
Commitment duration Depends on the project
Schedule options Monday to Friday
Half a day or one full day per week
Location Our research and collections facility: 1740 Pink Road, Gatineau, Quebec. Directions (868 Kb PDF).

Contact Us

Katja Rodriguez
Coordinator, Volunteer Programme
Tel.: 613.566.4261
TTY: 613.566.4700
Fax: 613.364.4028