Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago - Combined Treatment


S.G. Aiken, M.J. Dallwitz, L.L. Consaul, C.L. McJannet, L.J. Gillespie, R.L. Boles, G.W. Argus, J.M. Gillett, P.J. Scott, R. Elven, M.C. LeBlanc, A.K. Brysting, H. Solstad, and J.G. Harris



Errata - May 4, 2011



Arenaria humifusa = Common name is Creeping Sandwort


Campanula uniflora L.

Image: Closeup of flower: correct spelling of Iqaluit.


Cassiope tetragona (L.) D. Don

Common name: French: Cassiope tétragone  (add “s”).


Hippuris ´lanceolata Retz.

Currently accepted as non-hybrid species: Hippuris lanceolata Retz.


Vaccinium uliginosum subsp. microphyllum: Synonymy:

Vaccinium uliginosum L. subsp. microphyllum (Lange) Tolm., Obz. Fl. Novaya Zemlya 154. 1936.

Basionym: Vaccinium uliginosum L. (*) microphyllum Lange, Consp. Fl. Groenland, Medd. Grřnl. 3: 91. 1880. (in this publication it appears no subspecific taxon was named, but the subspecific epithet microphyllum was coined, indicated by a star (*). This epithet was used as the basionym by Tolmachev).

Later homonym: Vaccinium uliginosum L. subsp. microphyllum (Lange) Hultén, Ark Bot. ser. 2, 7, 1: 100. 1968.

Vaccinium pubescens Wormsk. ex Hornem. Fl. Dan. t. 1516. 1816.

Vaccinium uliginosum subsp. microphyllum Lange” should be removed.



The authors also thank Linda Ley for help with mapping files, slides and the image data base, Gerald Mulligan for assistance with the species in the Brassicaceae, and Luc Brouillet particularly for help with species in the Asteraceae.