Help preserve a Canadian national treasure for future generations.

The Haineault Mont Saint-Hilaire Collection is the premiere collection of Mont Saint-Hilaire minerals in the world.

The Mont Saint-Hilaire intrusion is unique on the planet and has been a destination for mineral collectors and mineralogists from around the world for over 50 years because more than 420 distinct mineral species have been found there.

Featuring unparalleled mineral specimens of high quality and diversity, and scientifically important type species, this collection is a rare example that documents the evolution of mineral discovery in Canada.

“This Mont Saint-Hilaire Collection must be considered as the most comprehensive, most detailed and quite likely, the collection which houses the finest mineral specimens ever collected in Canada.”

Dr. Andrew M. McDonald

Professor, Harquail School of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University

Past President, Mineralogical Association of Canada

About The Collection

The collection will

“The Haineault Collection is the mineralogical equivalent to the rainforest for biodiversity.”

Dr. Robert Downs

Professor of Geosciences, Specializing in Mineralogy and Crystallography, University of Arizona

About Gilles Haineault

Mr. Haineault, a passionate collector, has amassed the finest collection of Mont Saint-Hilaire minerals in the world, and authored the authoritative book on the topic, Minéraux du mont Saint-Hilaire : un patrimoine exceptionnel.

Mr. Haineault has enriched the mineralogical research community by generously making his collection available for study and hopes that the collection he has spent a lifetime discovering will find a permanent home in Canada, in the research and collections facility of the Canadian Museum of Nature.

This collection belongs in Canada’s national museum of natural history. As internationally renowned experts in collecting and curating the world’s most precious natural treasures, the Canadian Museum of Nature is uniquely positioned to preserve, research, gain insights, share, and leverage this inimitable collection to educate and inspire Canadians, international visitors and the scientific community.

How You Can Help

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