Text: Ukaliq the Arctic Hare. Illustration of an Arctic hare paw print.
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Thomas Angoshadluk of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, on the Arctic hare (Lepus arcticus): "Ah, rabbit hunting! [Chuckle]. When I was younger I used to chase rabbits a lot. In fact I killed one rabbit before which, I thought I was, like, stupid, because back then I used to cry for that rabbit, to bring it back to life, but my grannie took the rabbit for to make... just to hang it up and say 'This is my grandson's first caught'. It's interesting how rabbit interests other people. It interests me all the time. I take pictures of rabbit whenever I can, or whenever I see them. It's beautiful to see those rabbit".

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Image Credits: David R. Gray
This video is from a page of Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare,
created by the Canadian Museum of Nature. Visit the page.

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