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Text: Ukaliq the Arctic Hare.
Illustration of an Arctic hare paw print.
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Text: About the Arctic Hare. Photo: An Arctic hare. Text: Heritage, History and Art. Photo: A carving in walrus ivory of an Arctic hare. Text: Studying the Arctic Hare. Photo: David Gray looking through a spotting scope. Text: Games and Activities. Photo: An Arctic hare in mid-hop.
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Arctic Hare Cam

Tape 1

Two hares on the snow-drifted Arctic tundra are about a metre apart, facing each other. The hare on the left hops toward the hare on the right, sniffing the air and the ground. Suddenly the two hares are standing on their hind legs batting at each other with their front paws. They hop up and down on their hind legs while boxing. The hare on the left abruptly drops down on all four paws. It turns and runs away from the other, passing a third hare. The second hare chases the first for a few steps, then stops.

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What do you think these Arctic hares are up to?

  1. Learning a new dance routine.
  2. Fighting for the chance to mate with a female.
  3. A female is vigorously saying "No!" to an overly attentive male.


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